Heather Perry

"To me, fine jewelry is an extension of fine art. I look to the nature outside my window and to ancient architectural forms for my inspiration. By combining the current with the past, I challenge myself to create an aura of timeless simplicity within each piece and within each collection."

Heather Perry believes in imperfection. She sees beauty in objects that are out of alignment. Straight lines are not very interesting, she says, but when you find something that has a slight imbalance, there is a tension that compels you stop and wonder why. Using that tension as a driver, she explores the juxtaposition between formal and informal, nature and man, balance and asymmetry.

A background in sculpture has led to Perry's exploration of the lost wax casting method. Into the wax she carves forms, which she considers three-dimensional drawings, then uses these forms as her palette to create the designs in each of her collections. After casting, she sometimes fabricates elements or components to accompany or attach the cast forms, resulting in limitless design possibilities.

Perry has been working in small metals since high school. Since attending the Maryland Institute, College of Art, where she earned a degree in sculpture, she has continued to peruse her love of sculptural form by combining her knowledge of metalworking on both small and large scales. As a result, her pieces have a visual weight and texture that bridge the space between fine art and fine jewelry.

WoodSprite Long Earrings
Silver Earrings

by Heather Perry
$ 176
$ 149.60
Double Dagger Earrings
Silver & Stone Earrings

by Heather Perry
$ 329
$ 279.65
WoodSprite Inline Pendant
Silver Necklace

by Heather Perry
$ 144
$ 122.40
Dark Starla Pendant
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Heather Perry
$ 249
$ 211.65
Tatiana Solitaire
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Heather Perry
$ 239
$ 203.15
Tiny Dagger Necklace
Silver & Stone Necklace

by Heather Perry
$ 179
$ 152.15
Long Dagger Necklace
Silver Necklace

by Heather Perry
$ 159
$ 135.15
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Among Friends: Studio Works From New Brunswick and Maine, St. John, NB, Canada, The New Brunswick Museum , 2009