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Mariam Heydari


"Being in retail for 28 years, I learned that clothing has to be comfortable in motion and at rest."

Mariam Heydari takes an architectural approach to fashion, combining angular, asymmetrical designs with a free-flowing elegance. Her work is celebrated by diverse groups of women who appreciate her dramatic, unconventional, yet sophisticated creations.

Heydari's designs emphasize fabrication and innovative construction, with a unique blend of fabrics, colors, and textures that result in truly avant-garde apparel. She is well-known for her distinctive pleating techniques, in which pleats are applied after the fabric itself has been cut and sewn.

Heydari began creating her own artful pieces as a child, inspired by her mother, a designer. She has a degree in interior design and more than 25 years of experience in the retail and fashion industries. Heydari has been featured in publications such as COUNCIL Magazine (2012 Designer of the Year) and Dorothy Finell's acclaimed novel, "The Specialty Shop". Her work has also been featured at numerous events and shows including DC Fashion Week and The Presidential Fashion Show.

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Baja Skirt
Knit Skirt
by Mariam Heydari
$ 198
$ 138.60
Striped Pant
Polyester Pant
by Mariam Heydari
$ 198
Short Lacuna Dress
Knit Dress
by Mariam Heydari
$ 288
$ 201.60
Lacuna Dress
Knit Dress
by Mariam Heydari
$ 298
$ 208.60
Beachcomber Skirt
Linen Skirt
by Mariam Heydari
$ 228
$ 159.60
Montauk Dress
Knit Dress
by Mariam Heydari
$ 248
$ 173.60
Moonlight Dress
Knit Dress
by Mariam Heydari
$ 348
$ 243.60
Muse Jacket
Linen Jacket
by Mariam Heydari
$ 278