Hiromi Suter

"I liken myself to a magician transforming pieces of metal into reflections from my fantasy world. I pour a lot of energy into each piece I create so that positive souls dwell in the pieces."

She designs and develops patterns from bygone eras and sometimes combines them with themes from the natural world. In particular, she has been entranced by butterflies since she was very young. Their initial appearance changes into something completely different and beautiful and that is what she strives to create with her artwork. The creative process is what she is most interested in. It can take quite a long time to create a piece, and ultimately it helps her work become very personal and something unique.

She pierces her designs with a jeweler’s saw, which are usually etched onto copper beforehand. Her latest additional technique is gilding and foiling which she blends with various colors to produce ”in-between ” hues.

She was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan and now resides in Massachusetts ,USA. She has been interested in handmade art since she was a child. She attended courses at the De Cordova Museum Metal and Jewelry Art Department, Lincoln, MA, while raising her three children. Her works have been presented in numerous international exhibitions in Italy and USA.