Casey Hyland

Hyland Glass

"I have been very lucky to have discovered a medium that excites my interests in history, design, and craftsmanship. Since architecture school, I have been trying to bring my sketches and drawings to life. And hot glass is my medium of choice."

Having studied architecture, Casey Hyland enjoys the design and craftsmanship of working with blown glass. His various collections embody simplicity of form and beauty of pattern.

The artist's blown glass is created with an eye toward strong colors and simple forms. Each piece is lovingly crafted using variations on traditional Scandinavian and Italian techniques.
Fleur de Lis Bookend
Art Glass Sculpture

by Casey Hyland
$ 120
Art Glass Paperweight

by Casey Hyland
$ 165 - $ 250
Sky Drop
Art Glass Vessel

by Casey Hyland
$ 300 - $ 950