Ian Eldridge

"I try to keep my eyes open to everything around me, for it might provide the inspiration for a new piece of furniture."

Furniture-maker Ian Eldridge is drawn to the fact that wood in its natural state is curved. Fascinated by the combination of straight and curved elements, Eldridge creates sleek designs in contrasting woods. The foundation of all of the artist's work is his belief in the combination of sound construction principles with attention to detail. By hand-selecting only the best quality wood and veneers, Eldridge ensures that his designs are both beautiful and heirloom quality.

Born in England in 1965, Eldridge lived in various countries before settling in the United States. He began his professional career as a math teacher, but followed his passion for wood and design and is now devoted to creating finely crafted furniture.
S Shape Table
Wooden Table

by Ian Eldridge
$ 3,050
$ 2,592.50
Walnut Low Table
Wooden Table

by Ian Eldridge
$ 2,750
$ 2,337.50