Jay Jones

J F Jones Mobiles

"I am constantly striving for balance in my work both literally and figuratively. When it happens, it is beautiful! The effect of something floating effortlessly can be mesmerizing. It can cause you to stop. Take a moment. Slow down."

It was Thanksgiving weekend 2007. Jay Jones and his family spent the day in Washington DC and visited the National Gallery. In the rotunda was a mobile created by Alexander Calder. Jones spent most of the day just looking at that mobile. It was large, imposing, constructed from steel but had the effect of being weightless. Every day Jay Jones works to create mobiles with that effect.

Jones' work is inspired by nature. After drawing and designing the individual leaves, he cuts the shapes out of solid copper and hammers, polishes and applies the finish. He creates the pieces with either a fired edge or with a patina to bring out the colors. Using silver solder, he solders the leaves to copper coated steel rods and, at that point, is ready to begin building the mobile.

Jay Jones learned by observing. Having an equal mixture of mechanical aptitude and artistic sense, he observed, educated himself, and created pieces again and again. The artist considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists and artisans in New York (Robert Rauschenberg) as well as around the world.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC, USA, Asheville, 2010
National Design Musieum, Cooper Hewitt, NYC, NY USA , 2001