JB Hall

"Each piece or chapter is an incomplete exercise and can be reshaped and pounded into a success."

JB Hall was born in Springfield, Illinois and relocated many times in the upper Great Lakes region until finally settling in the Chicago area. Those displacements helped motivate and shape his versatile nature and quick sense of humor, often making it easier to assimilate into new surroundings. He also began to develop an ability to view the same subject from different perspectives; a trait he feels is the foundation of his philosophy on art and art making.

Hall has experimented with many artistic mediums including, but not limited to, monoprinting, painting, sculpture, photography, and serigraphy. His dabbling in these mediums has forged his philosophy of art making into shape.He believes a new medium will tell a new story at a new point in time, and is not afraid to fail at an experience. He believes that success in art, as with life, is truly trial and error.

Currently, Hall uses his passion for digital media and blends it with analog media such as serigraphy and painting. This new hybrid language allows him to take ideas and concepts that were technically unapproachable in the past and turn them into reality.

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