Janice Kissinger

"My pieces are sculpted rather than stitched. My designs are decidedly feminine - I seek to drape the body with the same beauty and grace of the traditional Indian saris I use in my work. I consider each piece a composition, inspired by a single vintage silk. I then respond to that by adding my own hand-dyed silks and loose wool fibers, using traditional wet felting methods (hand-rolling using just soap and water) to build both the fabric and the finished garment simultaneously. Creating couture results without sewing is an ongoing adventure and I strive to create finely finished pieces."

Artist Janice Kissinger creates couture pieces sculpted from loose fine merino wool fibers, hand-dyed silks, and often, antique saris. She personally designs and hand builds each piece from her own original patterns, ensuring that each piece is unique. The ancient felt-making techniques the artist uses are more akin to pottery than stitchery. Material and garment are created simultaneously, built rather than sewn.

Compelling colors and the romance of Indian beaded and embroidered silks define the style of Janice Kissinger's work.

Janice Kissinger has a degree in art history and experience in weaving, knitting, and spinning. After more than 20 years working in the field of public art, she decided to follow her passion for textiles and sculpture and studied with the best felt makers internationally. She shows her work at select fine craft events, at her showroom in Boston, Massachusetts, and in her studio in Providence, Rhode Island.

Bandhani Scarf
Silk & Wool Wrap

$ 148
Chandani Wrap
Silk & Wool Wrap

$ 388
Layla Scarf
Silk & Wool Scarf

$ 148
Kali Stole
Silk & Wool Shawl

$ 288
Kali Scarf
Silk & Wool Scarf

$ 188