Janine DeCresenzo

"Creativity stems from the heart, whether it is whimsical, romantic, dark, or complex. I start with a sketchbook and a simple idea, and enjoy the challenge of creating unconventional solutions."

Jeweler and metal artist Janine DeCresenzo creates wearable art that is intricate and free-flowing, with rhythmic repetition of pattern. Her inspiration comes from many sources: natural forms, geometric shapes, unusual stones, and childhood memories.

Playful and sculptural, her necklaces and bracelets incorporate rare natural materials such as piano key ivory, fossils, and coral. The artist uses surface patterns and textures to complement and enhance the basic forms of her designs, and chooses each clasp and mechanism carefully. DeCresenzo designs her jewelry to age with the wearer, gradually picking up patterns from her life. She crafts each piece not only to be comfortable, but also to make a statement.

White Topaz Unit Pendant
Gold, Silver, & Stone Necklace

$ 590
White Topaz Collection
Earrings and Necklace

$ 585 - $ 650
Arrow Earrings with Ruby
Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 125
Cut Pendant
Silver Necklace

$ 125