Jean-Paul Aboudib


"When I paint, I understand life better. Light and dark, symmetry and asymmetry, the organic and the geometric: it's as if all the elements of life harmonize and manifest into a perfect place. "

If one looks at his work, one would find an earnest testimony of exploration through the fleeting glimpses of the figure's truest nature. Aboudib is an artist of intent and purpose. His vivacious color palette and the expressive gestures in his paintings embody a sense of unvarnished human emotion and an unmistakable understanding of the figure.

Aboudib employs a combination of classical substrate surfaces and modern oils and conservation mediums to produce his work. He uses hardboard sealed with a proprietary wood sealer to neutralize acid migration. The panel is then primed with a highly stable acrylic ground on which he builds his paintings. The surface is then sealed with a varnish to saturate and protect for durability.

Aboudib discovered his potential as an artist at a young age, which ignited his creativity. He earned a scholarship in painting to The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, where he studied painting under nationally and internationally acclaimed artists such as Joseph Bernard, Nancy Mitter, and Joseph Wesner. After earning his BFA, he achieved an MFA from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

She and I
Oil Painting

$ 2,200
$ 1,870
The Judas Kiss
Oil Painting

$ 4,800
$ 4,080
Lipstick on Your Collar
Oil Painting

$ 4,300
$ 3,655
Oil Painting

$ 4,300
$ 3,655
Farewell to Romance
Oil Painting

$ 2,600
$ 2,210
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
The Celebration, grand opening, Ann Arbor, Mi, The Dancing Dog Gallery, 2013
Greater Michigan Arts Exhibition, Midland, Mi, Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art, 2012
Best of Show Winner, Juried Art Competition, University of Michigan Dearborn, Mi, Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, 2013
Best of Show Winner, Juried Art Competition, Canton, Mi, Cherry Hill Village Theater Exhibition Space, 2011
Director's Choice Award, State Wide Compitition, Plymouth, Mi, Plymouth Community Arts Counsel, 2013
paintings on wall, Milano Mens Fine Apparel , Plymouth, Mi, 2001, 2002
mural, paintings, Cleopatra's Restaurant, Wayne, Mi, 2001
public mural, V.I.P. Automotives, Inkster, Mi, 2004
logo design, Call Capture, PCS Global Company, Livonia, Mi, 2007
painting and drawing collection, Plymouth Community Arts Counsel, Plymouth, Mi, 2012