Jenna Goldberg

"I love to go to antique stores, auction houses, and junk shops. This is where my lust for visual chaos was born."

It's not that Jenna Goldberg tries to make pieces that look visually chaotic - she tries to make sense of the chaos that already exists. To put things - patterns, images, photos - together that don't necessarily go together and make them work.

Goldberg uses two primary techniques to create this collage effect in her work: an intaglio-like surface carving in which designs are carved through the painted surface, allowing the light maple wood to shine through; and Xerox transfer, a process in which images are transferred onto wood or painted surfaces.

Making furniture this way isn't easy and doesn't get easier with time. Though Goldberg admits that she lives for the challenge.

Botanical Mirror
Wood Mirror

by Jenna Goldberg
$ 3,100
$ 2,635
Little Red
Jewelry Box

by Jenna Goldberg
$ 250
$ 212.50
Square Frame Mirror
Wood Mirror

by Jenna Goldberg
$ 650 - $ 700
$ 552.50 - $ 595
City Mirror
Wood Mirror

by Jenna Goldberg
$ 900 - $ 2,500
$ 765 - $ 2,125
Wood Mirrors

by Jenna Goldberg
$ 550 - $ 650
$ 467.50 - $ 552.50