Jeung-Hwa Park

"The spirit of my knitting is inspired by Yin and Yang philosophy which restores the proper harmonic balance between two principles. Combined together, the two forces embody the concept of continual movement, balance, and harmony. My knitting creates harmony when two different elements are mixed together as positive and negative effects."

Born in Pusan, Korea, Jeung-Hwa Park studied fashion design and worked in that country as a designer prior to coming to America. During her early days in the States, she worked as a photographer for Korean fashion magazines, shooting current fashion trends in New York and Boston. Her return to school as a textile major at Rhode Island School of Design, was an effort to combine apparel with textiles: to integrate fashion with the fabric that is its basis. Evidence of her success has been numerous awards and the purchases of her work for significant collections, including those of the Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and Kwangju International Biennale. With a subtle balance of content, context, and technique, Jeung-Hwa Park has transformed uniform knitting into "unorthodox cultivate luxury."

Park uses a contemporary adaptation of the ancient resist dyeing technique in combination with the ancient practice of felting. The knitted fabrics are bound, tied, stitched, cramped, or folded to prevent certain areas from absorbing color. By marrying the spirit of Yin and Yang, traditional technique and modern technology, the sense of hand craft and machine knitting, Park creates innovative wearables that bring a new sculptural and textural sense of aesthetics to the art of knitting.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
The Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA, 2005
American Craft Council Atlanta Show, Atlanta, GA, 2004-05
Crafts America, Westchester, NY, 2003-05
Chapman Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY, 2004
Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY, 2004
International Shibori Symposium Europe Show, Yorkshire, England, 2002
The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, RI
Kwangju Biennale, Kwangju, Korea