Jody Hewitt Brimhall

"When I discovered encaustic wax painting, I knew instantly I wanted to work with it. I did my research and began my study. I have been developing my techniques through years of experimentation, and continue to be amazed by the depth and subtle details that can be integrated into this process."

Jody Hewitt Brimhall is fascinated by the texture, depth, gloss, honey fragrance, and unlimited possibilities the intense Encaustic process allows. The subtle beauty of the finished piece reveals itself with a luminous tactile surface begging to be touched.

Encaustic is a mixture of raw beeswax and Damar resin (a natural tree sap). The wax medium is heated to a fluid form. The effects are intriguing and sometimes surprising. Scraping and reheating the surface exposes the layers of translucent and opaque wax. Collage with organic materials can be infused and buried within the space creating amazing depth.

Jody Hewitt Brimhall was introduced to art as a young girl in a private art High School. Her passion for art continued at Cal State Northridge where she studied Interior Design. While working in design, she stayed in touch with her roots and tried many painting techniques. Once she was introduced to Encaustic, she dove in, taught herself the basics, and has developed her own unique style.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Katherine Butler Gallery, FL, Sarasota, 2010
Sylvia White Gallery, CA, Ventura, 2009
Town enter Gallery , CA, Valencia, 2007
Tapestry Gallery , ID, Sun Valley, 2005
Long Beach Museum, CA, Long beach, 2004