John Dodd

John Dodd Studio

"My furniture does not try to define the difference between art and craft. It exists quietly between the two."

John Dodd's pieces have a two-fold purpose. Beautiful in themselves, they are also backdrops for beauty, especially those in the series called "Foyer Greetings." Designed to display precious objects or living flowers that might brighten up an entryway, or any small space inside.

Architecture is a lifelong interest of John's; you can see it in the structure of his pieces. The work is simple, timeless, poetic, elegant.

Solid wood and unusual veneers are combined with granite and concrete, glass and mirror unexpected and harmonious. Pieces you can use but also objects you can contemplate and appreciate for their own sake. Somewhere between art and craft.

Lighted Wood Wall Shelf

by John Dodd
$ 4,400
Ivy Planter
Wood Planter

by John Dodd
$ 3,825
Display Screen II
Wood Display Screen

by John Dodd
$ 5,500
Magazine/Book Display Screen
Wood Display Screen

by John Dodd
$ 3,450
Foyer Greetings
Wood Wall Shelf

by John Dodd
$ 2,400