Jonathan I. Mandell

Jonathan Mandell Designs Inc.

"I am always looking for new ways to explore within the medium of mosaic. I pursue mosaic from a fine art point of view. My grout lines act as drawing lines, bringing my imagery to life. "

Jonathan Mandell creates wall-mounted panels and sculptures using glass shards, ceramic tile, and semi-precious stones and minerals. His grout lines act as drawing lines, establishing depth, perspective, and the volume of form. The glass shards are convex and concave and create the effect of a bas relief across the mosaic surface.

Mandell works with glass shards, ceramic tile, and various semi-precious stones and minerals. Each piece is precisely cut to fit the neighbor piece. The grout lines are designed to act as drawing lines. Designs are often worked up on the computer in advance.

Mandell has an MFA degree from the Graduate School of Fine Arts of the University of Pennsylvania.