Julie Havel

"As I start with a blank canvas, I try to recreate patterns, shapes, and tones using mixed-media elements. Layer upon layer, my paintings begin to form themselves into textural wonders. "

Creating is Julie Havel's passion and spirit. She creates organic, contemporary paintings, and is always pushing the boundaries of experimentation and materials. A practicing yogi for over fifteen years, she is often hit with inspiration while in meditative states.

Havel is inspired by nature. As she sees shapes, textures, and patterns in everyday life, she attempts to portray them on her canvas. She uses 5-6 layers of acrylic, handmade papers, textiles, sand, crushed leaves, oil pastels, graphite, and various gel mediums to build the dimensionality of her paintings. Havel's works are rich with texture and life.

Julie Havel is completely self-taught. Although her lineage consists of a woodworker, a painter, and a ceramicist, Havel always knew that painting was her soul's calling. Her work is currently shown nationally at fine art exhibitions and galleries.

Acrylic Painting

by Julie Havel
$ 4,800
New York Times Square Marriott, New York City, NY NY, 2014
X-Jet, Denver, Denver, Colorado, 2007
Brookfield Properties, Denver, Denver, Colorado, 2008
BioMarin, Sausalito, Sausalito, CA, 2016
Ashbury Hotel, Fort Worth, Forth Worth, Texas, 2013