Justin Teilhet

"The interplay and negative space in my work is as important as the objects themselves. "

In many ways Teilhet's current body of work is about surface tension. Its driving force is visual simplicity, which attempts to create a sense of tranquility. The pieces are created and displayed in compositions of two or more objects.

The work is porcelain, made on a wheel one at a time. The pieces are fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere. A family of glazes with deep, continuous properties is used.

Teilhet is a self-taught artist.

Red 14
Ceramic Vase

by Justin Teilhet
$ 375
$ 318.75
Black Set 19
Ceramic Vases

by Justin Teilhet
$ 675
$ 573.75
Red 10
Ceramic Vase

by Justin Teilhet
$ 425
$ 361.25
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Architectural Digest Design Show, NY, New York, NY, New York, 2009, '10, '11
Award of Excelence, Lakefront Art Festival, Milwaukee, WI, Milwaukee Museum of Art, 2008
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, 2008
Aetna,, Park Ave. New York, New York, Ny , 2009