Karel Aelterman

Karel Aelterman Furniture Studio

"I create inspirational pieces that have four dimensions, as they carry part of my spirit. Carefully designed and built to please the eye and hand, I hope they also move people by their story. "

Karel Aelterman creates inspirational pieces shaped around the unique qualities and beauty of exceptional pieces of wood. Simple and elegant, these functional objects draw inspiration from historic and contemporary sources.

Using a combination of modern and traditional techniques, Aelterman uses machinery for the heavy work and repetitive operations and hand tools for refined joinery and surface finishing. Assembly techniques include mortise and tenon, dovetails, and dowels. Aelterman finishes each piece with natural traditional finishes

Mainly self-taught, Aelterman has attended workshops and woodworking classes at local colleges and at the Rosewood Studio (Almonte, Ontario), where he attended craftsman training in 2004. He has taught woodworking classes in his private studio since 2007.

Cocobolo Console
Wood Console Table

$ 1,500
Console Table
Wood Console Table

$ 2,120
Wood Cabinet

$ 4,600
Wood Cabinet

$ 1,600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Sculpture in Quebec, Motcalm Gallery, Gatineau, Quebec, 2008
Recycl'Art, Centre for Contemporary Art, Montpellier, Quebec, 2008
Masterworks East, Travelling Exhibit, Ontario, Canada, 2009
Art au pluriel, Gatineau, Gatineau, Quebec, 2010
CraftBoston, Boston, Boston, Massachussets, 2008