Karina Mattei

"My goal is to create aesthetically pleasing designs using metals and gemstones that work together to form unique, functional jewelry pieces."

Inspired by the linear simplicity of architectural design, Karina Mattei's jewelry is reminiscent of the traditional, yet is simultaneously meshed with a unique, contemporary style. In her work, Mattei manipulates precious metals and colorful stones, playing with dimension and texture, striving for aesthetic, sculptural, and functional jewelry. Often the stones dictate the outcome of a particular piece.

Mattei works in a wide variety of techniques, she applies different skills in each piece as called for. For example, in the Nature Series each original design is fabricated by hand, the metal is pierced, cut, chased, and shaped to form the design inspired organically around the central stone. When creating ring designs, Mattei tends to hand-carve wax to get a sculptural feel for each wearable piece. After the initial sculpting phase, each ring is cast in precious metals.

Karina Mattei began as a self-taught artist in a large, artistic family and broadened her training at Adams State College in Colorado where she received a BA in Art and Craft. Later Mattei attended Gem City College in Illinois.

Nesting Diamond Bands
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 3,660
Gold and Quartz Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 1,900
Amethyst Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 2,700
Pearl Pendant
Gold, Stone & Pearl Pendant

$ 5,000
Opal with Leaf
Gold & Stone Pin

$ 3,300