Kathleen Lynagh

Kathleen Lynagh Designs

"All through the ages, jewelry has been an ever-present element in our lives. It is a timeless art form that is worn to adorn and commemorate life. It is my pleasure to create beautiful designs that will become part of people's lives and continue these traditions."

Kathleen Lynagh believes that each jewelry piece must be designed and handcrafted to fit the wearer. This foundation principle, along with her design ideas and sense of style, are the basis of her contemporary jewelry pieces. She takes inspiration from architecture, a love of history, and simple forms found in nature. When designing a piece, she takes these inspirations and combines them with visual balance and a use of positive and negative space. Her work is often in limited editions and frequently features rich colors of 18K gold, sterling silver, pearls, and semiprecious gems.

Lynagh begins her design process with large, free-form sketches. Once she has narrowed the focus for an individual design, she begins to sculpt in wax. She uses bench tools and hand files to sculpt the model. The piece is then cast into precious metals and finished and polished. Each piece is assembled and finished entirely by hand.


Tassel Pendant
Silver & Pearl Pendant

$ 690
The Q Necklace
Silver Necklace

$ 960
The Q Bracelet
Silver Bracelet

$ 580
Bell Earrings & Pendant
Silver & Pearl Earrings & Pendant

$ 75 - $ 145
Pearl Pod Pendant & Earrings
Silver & Pearl Earrings & Pendant

$ 75 - $ 145
Six Petal Flower Pendant & Earrings
Silver & Pearl Earrings & Pendant

$ 75 - $ 145