Kathy O'Leary

"Through my paintings, I want the viewer to experience the incredible beauty of this earth: the interplay of light and shadow, line and color, and ultimately, the amazing design of the natural world."

Painter Kathy O'Leary works both in the field, en plein air, and on large paintings in her studio in which she refers to her digital photographs. In each composition, O'Leary works to capture a unique intimacy with the landscape and a fresh perspective of scenes with uncommon quiet charm. Her goal is to express with oils the light, color, and compositions she witnesses in the natural world. Using opaque and translucent applications of paint and a variety of brush strokes, O'Leary seeks to express that moment in the scene that initially captured her attention.

Originally trained as a commercial artist, Kathy O'Leary returned to her love for painting landscapes in the 1990's. Living in a rural artists' colony, O'Leary was surrounded by artistic resources and resumed a daily schedule of making art.