Kim Eric Lilot

Kim Eric Lilot - Metalsmith

"Art is the search for understanding and expression. The awareness of our mortality (Memento Mori) reminds me to live, be in the moment and appreciate the preciousness of life. I strive to create dramatic narrative subjects of appreciation and expression with this spirit. "

For third-generation jeweler Kim Eric Lilot, each piece is a stage on which the drama of the human condition plays out. He portrays intimate moments of humor, misery, ecstasy and anguish with the skills of a consumate goldsmith and the soul of a poet. This narrative approach to jewelry allows him to express diverse and intriguing points of view.

I get the greatest enjoyment from lost wax carving and casting techniques. These skills open up a limitless range of three dimensional, sculptural range of expression. Simultaneously I continue to employ the practical hand-working skills of traditional goldsmithing as well as enameling and stone setting. Knowledge of the properties of gems and minerals is also an enjoyable and necessary study.

1982-1985 Figurative sculpture study from Thomas Marsh 1977 Registered Jeweler/Gemologist. Gemological Institute of America. 1972 Journeyman Goldsmith/Gisellen. Kunst-Gewerbe Schule. Hamburg West Germany. 1968-1972 Formal Goldsmiths Apprenticeship/Lehrling. With the firm of Master Goldsmith Herbert Marquardt. Hamburg, West Germany. 1966-1968 Goldsmiths Apprenticeship. With the firm of Gordon & Hilmar Aatlo. San Francisco, Ca., USA.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
'International Jewelry Competition' , Toured the entire USA, Society of North American Goldsmiths. , 1984.
AGTA Spectrum Awards. - (Div.IV)., Tucscon, Arizona, AGTA Gem Show, 1984
AGTA Spectrum Awards. (Div.III)., Tucson, Arizona, AGTA Gem Show, 1986
* AGTA Spectrum Awards. First Place (Div.IV) & 'Best Use of Color' Awards. , Tucson, Arizona, AGTA Gem Show, 2001
'Jewelry USA' , New York, N.Y, American Craft Museum, 1984
British Craft Council's 'Collect' exhibition, London, England, Victoria & Albert Museum, , 2004
'Choices: Recent Acquisitions' , Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, Ca., 1995
'Artists of a Different Caliber' , Carnegie Museum, Pittsburg, Pa., 1997
'Recent Acquisitions' , Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institute,, Washington D.C., 1999
National Portrait Gallery. , Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., 2006