Kinga Czerska

"I need to understand how it all fits, what holds it together, and most importantly, how one can affect all as everything in the world interlaces, changes, shifts, and reconfigures."

Kinga Czerska sees the world as a place with an intense number of connections and information, with a never-ending number of nuances and details. Her work is deeply personal as it plays upon many senses and it comes from the daily processing of everything that surrounds and is within her. She says, "If you can imagine flattening everything in front of you into one plane and analyzing its contents you will be able to see what I see. As the world restructures by shifting and undulating, I try to capture the brief moment when it is stable just before another shift occurs."

Czerska creates each piece of multiple layers of acrylic paint interlaced to create a puzzle-like surface. Each element is painted separately and organized to fit the elements around it. Czerska combines elements that are often rigid, but upon further study, the surface takes on a feeling of fluidity and stability. It is an intensely structured surface which uses elemental, geometric forms to seek an order for the world around her, which is at times chaotic, yet at the same time graceful, precise, elegant, and balanced. Czerska uses multiple solid colors juxtaposed next to each other to create a luminous vibrant surface.

Kinga Czerska's devotion to pattern and precision was born out of sheer delight and amazement as she watched, absorbed and studied the intricately adorned cathedrals in her home town of Krakow, Poland, as well as her grandmother's intricately embroidered textiles. She studied studied Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. at Carnegie Mellon University, followed by the Art Institute of Chicago and the Fashion Institute of Design/Merchandising in LA.

Acrylic Painting

by Kinga Czerska
$ 3,600
$ 3,060