Kristin Lora

"I am very sensitive to shapes, textures, and finishes, and view everything I see in terms of references for my work. I collect objects, new and used, and keep them in my studio for inspiration, and they often sit on my shelves until an idea just comes to me one day. I like movement and enjoy creating the mechanisms that allow for it. Humor is important in my work and my life, a very direct humor that is slightly bemused. What I like best is creating something that has never existed before."

My jewelry and small sculpture is known for its clean, uncomplicated and contemporary lines. The imagery tends to be scaled-down replications of objects I am familiar with—such as vehicles—and many I invent in my mind—aliens and other creatures. Bold lines and an up-front whimsy prevail. Tiny toys and three-dimensional sculptural jewelry are my favorite avenues of creation. I love the intimate scale that this work provides both as the maker and as a viewer, and I love watching the reaction of discovery when others notice the tiny and unexpected details within my pieces.

I work primarily in precious metals and combine them mostly with found objects. I utilize a variety of traditional metalsmithing and silversmithing techniques, including fabrication, soldering, riveting, raising, dapping, forging, stone setting, as well as many others. All of my jewelry, functional objects, and small sculptures are fabricated by hand. I prefer to do one-of-a-kind pieces; if I choose to duplicate a previous design, there are always subtle differences in the subsequent work.

My artistic journey began as a small child and throughout my growing up as I experimented with beading, ceramics, sewing and textiles, glass, painting, sculpture, music, and more. I have always had my art as a foundation to create, an outlet to ground my otherwise busy life.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Two award finalist pieces, Niche Magazine, Rosen Group, 2007
Play Time: Toys for Adults, Brookfield Craft Center, CT, 2006
Award -- Whimsical, Niche Magazine, February, 2006
Award finalist, Niche Magazine, Rosen Group, 2005
Cocktails at 5, Gowns at 8, Sculpture to Wear, Los Angeles, CA, 2005
Chess, Traveling exhibition by Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA, 2003-2005
Playing Around with Toys, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Texas, 2004
SOFA Teapot Show, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA, 2003
Toys Designed by Artists, Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR, 2009
Award, Niche Magazine, February, 2008