Jorgelina Lopez and Marco Duenas

La Loupe Design

"We strive to create with a multidisciplinary approach inspired by geometric forms and clean lines. Exploring different materials and their expression is an important part of our creative process."

Jorgelina Lopez and Marco Duenas of La Loupe Design find inspiration in geometric patterns and shapes and their relation to the natural world. The name of their studio—from the French "loupe," which means magnifying glass—arises from the idea of observing and exploring the structures, forms, and geometric principles from which the universe is constructed.

Influenced both by mid-century designs and traditional Japanese techniques, Lopez and Duenas create a beautiful combination of clean, geometric forms, creating functional and three-dimensional works of art. They use light as a medium that emphasizes the feature of their designs and brings functionality to their pieces.

Jorgelina Lopez, a textile designer, and Marco Duenas, a functional artist and woodworker, founded La Loupe Design in 2015. There they combine and share their different techniques and their love for art and design.

Ume Pendant Lamp
Mixed-Media Pendant Lamp

$ 250 - $ 440
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
The 43rd annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, PENNSYLVANIA CONVENTION CENTER, Philadelphia, PA , November 2018
Smithsonian Craft Show, National Building Museum , Washington, DC, April 2019
Iteriors Strathmore Exhibition , THE MANSION AT STRATHMORE, NORTH BETHESDA, MD, February 2017
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. MD, February 2018