Lauren Wimmer

Lauren Wimmer Jewelry

"I like to explore the line between organic and geometric. The shapes and textures I carve are redolent of actual objects and beings found in nature, but with a subtle abstraction that defies the literal and allows the wearer to define the pieces in their own style."

Wimmer is attracted to the symbolism and ceremony associated with jewelry. She draws inspiration from her background in the classics and fine arts: themes including the coral corno on the neck of a Christ child, the fragments encircling the bodies preserved beneath the ash of Mount Vesuvius, and the bone necklace in a Kahlo self-portrait reminiscent of a tribal ornament.

Wimmer carves her models from hard wax based on sketches. She forms most of her organic shapes freehand, and for her more geometric shapes, she turns the wax on a lathe. Then, she adds texture using a scribe and old woodcarving tools first wielded in college. Dental tools, fine brushes, and felt swabs finish out the details. The pieces are then cast in sterling silver.

Wimmer has a BA from Wellesley College with a concentration in art history and sculpture. She took several classes in continuing education at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, which helped her scale her work down for jewelry. She continues to hone her carving skills at the Fred de Vos Wax Workshop in downtown Manhattan.

Sunna Earrings
Silver Earrings

$ 170
Birget Pendant
Silver Necklace

$ 190
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Grand Central Holiday Fair, New York, NY, Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal, 89 East 42nd Street, 2015