Carol Walker

Living Images

"I strive to illuminate the soul and spirit of the horse in my work. Capturing them as they are running free illustrates their beauty, power, and grace. "

Carol Walker took her first photograph at age four when she could barely hold a camera. Her favorite subjects have always been animals, and she has traveled all over the world for the past 40 years photographing wildlife. In 2000, she started her horse photography business.

Walker's style can be described as natural. She is best known for her photographs of running horses and wild horses, which she photographs with a fast shutter to capture the action. She spends many hours in the field observing wild horse behavior, and her depth of knowledge of horses contributes to her success.

Walker studied photography first at Smith College and then in workshops, in the field, and at universities. She has studied underwater and wildlife photography in the field, and now teaches horse photography workshops all over the world. She has had four books of her photography published.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Capturing the Light 2015, Littleton Museum, Littleton, 2015
National Greeley Art Exhibition, Union Colony Civic Center, Greeley, Colorado, 2015
Exposure, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, Colorado, 2016
Louisville National Photography Show, Louisville Center for the Arts, Louisville, CO, 2015
Art in the Park, Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Denver, Colorado, 2016