Lorien Suarez

"My love for the beauty of color, geometry, and nature is at the core of my artwork. While I am in the moment of creating art, I am open to a process of discovery that is intensely fulfilling."

As a geometric abstract artist, Lorien Suarez enjoys the dynamic interplay of color, light, and organic/natural forms. Multiple design layers with elaborate patterns, depth, and a strong sense of movement culminate in a vibrant composition. Her work draws from a practice of joyful discovery and creative contemplation.

Working much larger in scale than most watercolorists (often 5'–7' paintings), Suarez utilizes a combination of transparent watercolor and acrylic paint on paper. Her limited edition prints are made from the highest quality archival papers and inks available.

Suarez's multinational background and diverse academic pursuits have provided her with the inspiration and tools that define her artistic style and career. Her love for art began during her childhood years in Venezuela. She graduated with honors at UC Berkeley, where she received her BA, and at KU Leuven, Belgium, where she received her MA. She also did extensive graduate work in Spain. The artist now lives in Southern California.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Geometrics II, New York, Gallery 128, 2009
Refraction: An Exploration of Light and Color, Riverside California, Riverside City College Quad Gallery, 2008
Beyond Heritage, Pomona California, Millard Sheets Gallery, 2006
The Banner Project, Riverside California, Riverside Art Museum, 2009
Giant Orange Artventure, Riverside California, Riverside Art Museum, 2006
ArtScape, Riverside California, Riverside Art Council, 2005-2011
Museum of the Living Artist, Juried Show: 52nd International Competition, San Diego, CA, San Diego Art Institute, 2013
Painting , UC Berkeley Engineering Dept. Cory Hall, Berkeley, California, 2006
International Boalt Alumni Association (UC Berkeley), London, UK, 2011
Artworks Diptych (Donation/Commission), TERI Art School Building Entry Foyer, Oceanside, CA, 2013