Mackenzie Law

"I only make things that require an extraordinary amount of patience and concentration—these are my most treasured assets. Handmade objects crafted by careful hands and a patient mind are always lovely, and I hope to achieve that in my all my work."

Mackenzie Law is attracted to pattern, detail, and long hours spent repeating small actions. She is consistently humbled by the breathtaking beauty of one's patience when it is forced out into a tangible object. She hopes to convey a sense of purposefulness and care in her work, and that the exhilaration of wearing "patience" is shared with her client.

Law has spent many hours teaching her fingers to weave metal into fabric. She incorporates passementerie and American Indian Basketry techniques, as well as inventing her own weaves. Her first works were in silver, but she discovered that weaving stainless steel with the precious metal adds a resilience that allows her to create more delicate designs, maintain structure, and add spring.

Law's eclectic educational background includes a BFA from Syracuse University, many workshops with well-known artists, and an apprenticeship with Chris Ploof.

Circlet Bracelet
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 500
Gold Net Bangle
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 3,200
Lattice Bangle
Steel Bracelet

$ 700
Golden Core Bangle
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 1,600