Marcia Jestaedt

"I am drawn to things that are exotic, rich in quality, and complex in design. I have always been interested in the arts of Eastern and Middle Eastern countries, especially ethnic clothing, costumes, and ecclesiastical garments."

Jestaedt wants viewers to find something of interest in every part of a piece, and to come back time and again to discover something new. Jestaedt begins each piece by drawing a complex and highly detailed image. It can take a considerable amount of time to complete the drawing to her satisfaction, since changes cannot be made once she commits it to clay.

Once the drawing is transferred to clay it is stamped, etched and cut into tiles. After bisque firing, glazing is begun. Glazes are used as a painter uses paints and applied in many layers. After Raku firing and cleaning, the etched lines are filled with gold acrylic paint. Selected areas are covered with 23 karat gold leaf. All of the tiles are attached to a single piece of 3/8" oak plywood.

Marcia has been drawing since she was a young child. Her formal training in art began at the University of Maryland, where she received her BA in studio arts. Over the years, she has also attended many ceramics workshops.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
U.S. Embassy, Bermuda, Hamilton, 2010-2013
U.S. Embassy, Trinidad, Port of Spain, 2010-2013
NOVA, Virginia, Alexandria, 2010
Beyond Color, Bethesda, MD, Ratner Museum, 2010
Somewhere in the Orient II, Alexandria, VA, USA, Art League of Virginia, 2012