Margaret Neher

"In a process far less forgiving than a brush on canvas, I bring life, vibrant color, realistic detail, and sculptural beauty to each of my pieces."

Glass artist Margaret Neher recreates and preserves forever the fleeting beauty found in nature. Working over an open flame, she translates the fragile delicacy of orchids, wildlife, and everyday fruits into lasting art objects that capture more than a mere realistic rendition of an everyday item.

Neher began working with stained and etched glass in 1984, and spent several years making kaleidoscopes. Drawn to lampworking in 1991, she soon devoted herself exclusively to this centuries-old tradition in which glass rods and tubing are melted over a 3000-degree flame, and then hand worked into detailed sculptural forms. No molds are used, and no two pieces are identical.

Nine-time NICHE Award finalist and three-time winner, Neher is best known for her detailed botanicals. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and on the Carol Duvall Show.

Lavender Cattleya
Art Glass Ornament

$ 118
From Tiny Acorns
Art Glass Ornament

$ 65
$ 55.25
Sweet Cherry
Art Glass Ornament

$ 68