Marianne Thompson

"I work with classic forms, rendered in original textures and color hues, simple and direct in their expression."

Marianne Thompson pursues original surfaces and textures in glass in traditions drawn from craft, including weaving, woodwork, and sculpture, drawing colors and relationships from nature. The compositions are largely modernist in tradition, relying on pattern and abstracted forms.

Thompson uses both traditional fusing and slumping techniques, combined with techniques she has developed through extensive research and experimentation. She has created a personal technique that uses powdered and crushed glass to create complex surfaces of subtle color--a mixture of transparency and opacity combined with hand-drawn elements in various media.

She began her career with an undergraduate degree in fine arts and expanded her work into various glass techniques through creative and technical classes and workshops. Her glass work is enhanced by her full-time career as a principal in the three-dimensional design studio Looking, based in El Segundo, California.

White Ruffles
Art Glass Bowl

$ 550 - $ 1,200