Marilee Schumann

"My life is centered on making pots. I am interested in the humble uses of pottery—water, beans, bread dough, soup—and the more abstract, symbolic uses—flower arranging, storing ashes, ritual, contemplation. Pottery has existed throughout the history of human culture and provides me with a portal into the whole of human experience."

A pot is defined by the space inside. On one level, the space inside is defined by the intended use of the pot. On another level, the space inside is created by the intuitive mind of the potter. Schumann combines direct manipulation of material with intuitive non-thought, and the simplest sort of usefulness with the most abstract sort of human awareness.

Schumann works with stoneware clay, primarily on the potter's wheel, but often in combination with other techniques. She decorates her pottery with brushwork and other decorative techniques. The work is fired to cone 6 in a gas kiln.

Instead of formal education in ceramics, Schumann has worked mostly on her own, taking classes and workshops whenever possible, from such notable teachers as Robert Turner, Catherine Hiersoux, Mary Roehm, Rick Malmgren, and Rhoda Lopez. Later in her career, she earned an MFA in sculpture from the University of Maryland. She now teaches pottery.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Visions in Clay, 2015, Stockton, CA, Delta Center for the ARts, 2015
ACC Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, 2014