Mark Tuttle

Knot 2 Rustic Furniture

"We create functional sculpture, also known as furniture."

The furniture of Mark Tuttle and Tony Bird brings out the beauty of live edged and rescued wood left behind by mother nature, or reclaimed from old barns and warehouses. Those substantial key parts may then be combined and contrasted with what would normally be considered utilitarian materials such as oriented strand board, steel, and tree stumps. The results are often surprising and elegant.

Furniture made by the team of Mark Tuttle and Tony Bird goes through a process of refinement which seeks to balance commodity, firmness, and delight. They use a combination of power and hand tools and techniques for a handcrafted quality to each piece.

Mark Tuttle is an Architect, Furniture Maker, Eagle Scout, and Outdoorsman. These influences appear in his work regardless of the scale. Partner Tony Bird is a Master Craftsman. Recent work for the pair includes designing and creating unique and many one of a kind rustic furniture pieces and fixtures for a major retail company renowned for their award winning shops all over the US and Canada.

Eric's Pendant
Wood Pendant Lamp

by Mark Tuttle
$ 1,400
$ 1,190
Conference Table
Wood Conference Table

by Mark Tuttle
$ 8,550
$ 7,267.50
Fairview bench
Wood Bench

by Mark Tuttle
$ 2,300
$ 1,955