Mary Lynn O'Shea

"One is not born creative. Creativity only comes with constant struggle and hard work. "

People frequently tell Mary Lynn O'Shea how creative she is. To which she replies with a smile, "When you work hard at something every day for 30 years, you get pretty good at it." While O'Shea believes she may have been born with an intuitive sense of color, she acknowledges that the rest has been an incredible amount of work. Indeed, she has dedicated her life to art. In her 20s, she taught art at the college level. In her 30s, she made intricate tapestries that were sold in art galleries. Her 40s and 50s have been dedicated to making and selling her own line of handwoven clothing. Now, nearing 60, she has expanded her design sense to create furniture and objects that are both functional and whimsical.

O'Shea takes great pride in her work, especially her attention to color and detail. The fabrics she uses are her own jacquard color combinations, which are the culmination of 25 years of experience in working with fiber and color.


Windham Chair
Forest and Dark Sage

$ 2,700
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore. MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2019