Mary Margaret Briggs

"My artwork has two distinct influences; the four years I spent living and traveling in Asia, and the lush botanical beauty of my Vashon Island home. My past career in fashion and textiles presents itself through the color palettes I develop and work in."

Mary Margaret Briggs creates one-of-a-kind collaged panels using found papers such as antique Chinese book pages and joss papers. Her monotypes are botanical studies: fruit, flowers, and plants. She often prints from real leaves and branches taken from her garden. The color palettes she develops and works in, like the botanical motifs of her etching monotypes, evolve and change with the seasons

First, Briggs selects a plant image to work with, then develops and mixes a color palette of inks to create the mood. She prints onto kozo fiber paper, made from the bark of the mulberry tree, which she has stained the background color for the printed image. Then, using water-based intaglio inks, she prints on a Takach etching press with a 30" by 60" printing bed

After days in the studio printing a portfolio of related etching monotypes, she begins the process of composing the collages. She assembles the prints with other papers, creating a composition that she then mounts with archival-quality PVA glue onto a prepared panel or group of panels. Finally, she finishes the completed compositions with many layers of low-luster oil-based finish to create a durable waxy glow.

Fennel 9
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$ 325
Vines 10
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Vines 28
Giclee Print

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