Mathieu Patoine

Mathieu Patoine, Fine Furniture Maker, Sculptor

"'I have chosen the challenge of converting my drawing into substance and I will not restrict my drawing due to the complexity of the substance."

As a furniture designer and maker, Mathieu Patoine loves the challenge of associating balance, charm, function and innovation. He chooses to work with curved shapes, refined assemblage, and structure, meticulously drawing all of the shapes to evoke peace, well-being and harmony.

The artist prefers to work wood using manual techniques, in order to feel immersed in the elements of the making. This requires a deep skill perfected by generations of European masters. Patoine appreciates working with local woods (cedar, black walnut, cherry, pine, shagbark hickory and wild cherry).

Patoine attended private drawing lessons beginning in 1986 and entered L'Ecole quebecoise du meuble et du bois oeuvre in Montreal in 1990. He opened his own shop in 2002, and entered a new creative phase in 2008 when he was awarded a Research and Development grant from CALQ. In 2010, thanks to another grant, Patoine undertook a perfecting apprenticeship with the sculptor ornamentalist master Vincent Mouchez at his workshop in Paris.