Max Hayslette

Max Hayslette was born in Rupert, West Virginia, in 1930. He completed his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1952, where he studied with Alexander Archipenko and Egon Weiner.

Mr. Hayslette's quest to see the landscape as a flat composition of light and dark stems from his love of Asian woodcuts. He believes that the Asian artist is able to reduce a subject to its simplest abstract form. His strongest attribute as a painter is his ability to see the abstract in his subject. The skeleton of each of his paintings is black and white, two-dimensional abstracts. This gives him the composition, the weights and balances on which he later hangs the more traditional elements of the subject. After the composition is formed and the painting divided into its planes, foreground, middleground and background, then a color palette is considered that will further enhance the storytelling of the painting. His dreamy landscapes evoke sentiments of warmth, comfort and familiarity as they transport the viewer to numerous exotic destinations in the far corners of the world.

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