McCrea's Candies

"When we founded McCrea’s Candies in Boston, MA, in 2010, we wanted to delight friends, family, and colleagues with our handcrafted caramel candies packed in beautiful packaging suitable for gift giving, and we continue that mission today. We hope you enjoy these caramels and make McCrea’s part of your gift-giving traditions."

McCrea’s Candies uses the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce evocatively flavored, handcrafted, luxe caramel candies. They start with butter and sugar and slow cook it to just the right temperature. Milk from the local dairy is added along with real food flavorings. From there, they hand roll the caramel and send it through a restored, early twentieth-century cutting and wrapping machine. Lastly, each piece is hand-packed into biodegradable packaging, all made in the USA.

Making caramel is a science. It takes patience, know-how, and a whole lot of love. Sugar, butter, and cream are slowly cooked to the perfect temperature, letting the natural chemical processes bring out the complexity of the candy. Made in a kitchen full of creativity, music, and the aroma of melting sugar mingled with fresh cream, McCrea’s caramel is cooked in copper kettles and fed through a vintage cutting and wrapping machine. McCrea’s Candies are gluten, nut, and soy free and contain no corn syrup. They are flavored with only the finest salts, seasonings, and spirits: traditional and unexpected flavors using only real food ingredients.

McCrea’s Candies was founded by Kate and Jason McCrea, scientists by trade who met and fell in love on the Arctic Tundra while employed as researchers. Double layoffs found them cooking sweet treats for neighbors, teachers, and family friends. Rave reviews gave the McCreas the courage to transition into the sweet science of making caramel full-time. Today, they work with a team of talented people to bring McCrea’s Candies caramels into the marketplace and into people’s homes.