Michael Jones

"I was raised in a family of artists."

"My father, an Abstract Expressionist painter, and mother, a painter and potter, both trained at the Chicago Art Institute in the 1930s. They were prolific artists who also relished the opportunity to live and work in foreign cultures.

"As a young teenager I traveled with my family to live for two years in Kyoto, Japan. We were all deeply moved by the ways in which we saw elements of the natural world being integrated into the art, architecture and general culture around us. During the last summer of this sojourn, I was invited to work daily in the workshop of a potter who had been a student of the Living National Treasure Kanjiro Kawai. These early experiences and exposure to an older, traditional Japan continue to inform my work in clay.

"I have been making functional ceramics full time since 1991, working on all phases of production myself. My current line is primarily functional, thereby offering people ongoing opportunities to integrate my work into their daily lives."

Garden Stool
Ceramic Stool

by Michael Jones
$ 750
$ 637.50
Blown Column Ikebanas
Ceramic Vase

by Michael Jones
$ 450
$ 382.50