Michael Kane

"I've created a 27-year career with my passion for dyeing natural fibers such as silk. I am infatuated with the feel, the look, and the flow of these fabrics and the way that transparent dyes can combine and accentuate that beauty. "

Michael Kane's studio is an ever-evolving space that concentrates on hand dyeing, painting, and color release techniques based on the ancient Japanese art of shibori. These techniques are part of an intricate, time-intensive process of folding, tying, and clamping fabric to create areas that cannot be reached by the dyes. Mystical patterns appear when the fabric is released from its bindings. It is a moment of complete surprise.

With the processes he has developed over the years, Kane can make fabric intricate or bold, yet always elegant and visually intriguing. Frequently, a piece undergoes several processes and multiple runs through the dye baths before it is ready to be made into a garment. Kane cuts and fashions layers of overlapping fabric to create one-of-a-kind garments that are works of art. He has worked to understand the relationships between the colors and the patterns. Kane take great care in his creative process and adds a bit of intuition to bring each piece to life. Most pieces take several days to finish; the end result he strives for is quiet yet visually strong.

Michael Kane is a self-taught artist with a passion for fiber. His studio rests on a wildlife habitat in the mountains of North Carolina.