Michael McClatchy

"I use steel for structure and form with polished concrete for color and texture. The combination of materials allows me to create architecturally dynamic pieces of furniture with unexpected warmth."

Michael McClatchy began his career as a sculptor, designing large-scale figurative and abstract works out of steel and concrete. In 1995, he began creating a line of furniture using the same materials. He designs each piece of furniture with a steel structure to which he adds a top of welded wire-reinforced concrete. Like building a highway, his work combines the strength of steel with a smooth surface rigidity.
Unlike most concrete work, McClatchy's use of carving and color adds an unexpected warmth. He creates a painterly surface for each table top by etching and carving lines in the concrete, filling these with black concrete, and acid-staining the concrete with patinas of brown, mustard, moss, and paprika. After curing, each tabletop is polished to emit a lustrous glow.
Linen End Table with Shelf
Concrete & Steel End Table

by Michael McClatchy
$ 1,200
$ 1,020