Alan Kaniarz

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"I am interested in line and form as well as the function of my designs, while paying attention to the impact my work makes upon the environment. Some of my pieces are composed of complicated assemblies, yet are made using the bare minimum of materials. While giving a nod to mid-century modern design, these pieces are certainly recognizable as being my own."

I developed, and started using this design vocabulary after building a large item made from CDX plywood (an exterior rough plywood used for its strength, not its beauty)and liked the interplay of texture between the side and end and face grain of the material. After making a prototype,the design was refined and I started using a better grade of plywood that is meant for furniture making.

Most of this furniture is cut from ApplePly and Baltic birch multi-core plywood using a CNC router to shape the complicated curves and drill the holes for the dowels that are used in assembly. The machine cutting is the easy part. After cutting each of the many pieces is hand sanded, hand assembled and finished using a clear, post catalyzed lacquer.

I am self trained and have been a maker of things since I was a child