Natasha Wozniak

"My designs combine the essence of traditional Asian jewelry with the sophistication and dynamic energy of life in a modern city."

A passion for Asian art and a love for metalsmithing form the basis of Natasha Wozniak's jewelry. Her forms are derived from imagery found in Tibetan paintings and decorative art. Design elements such as the sensuously curving edge, the interplay of positive and negative space, and balanced asymmetry are trademarks of her work.

In her quest for knowledge and inspiration, Wozniak has traveled from the plains of India to the hinterlands of Mongolia. As a Fulbright scholar, she was fortunate enough to be a guest artist in the neighborhood of the Kathmandu Valley, which has produced magnificent Buddhist treasures for centuries.

Wozniak's jewelry is unique and designed to be timeless, with beautiful stones and great attention to craft. Each of her designs begins with pages of drawings and musings, from which she selects and refines the most elegant forms. She then creates an original design by hammering, by forging wires into small or large tapered curls, or by sculpting sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes such as leaves and flowers. She chooses gemstones of the best clarity and color, setting them into individually made bezels. Her craftsmanship extends right down to the carefully hand-fabricated clasps and hinges. Throughout the entire process, Wozniak thoughtfully considers the weight of the piece and the way it will balance on the body.

"I have always made jewelry that is, in essence, for me. Allow me to share my personal collection with you."