Nava Studio

"Nava Studio is a design studio with a true passion for craftsmanship. We specialize in unique seating in steel, leather, and wood. "

Nava Studio was started by sculptor Rodrigo Nava as an outlet for his functional designs. All pieces are finely crafted from a combination of wood, steel, and leather. Each piece is handcrafted at the unique, custom-built design and fabrication shop in the hills of the Green Mountains in southern Vermont.

All Nava Studio chairs are a rare combination of design and comfort. The hand-bent steel frames are engineered with reinforced and fillet-welded joints, so the welds are both durable and beautiful. Powder-coated frames, 8-10 oz full-grain leather cowhides, and hand-rubbed, oil-finished wood mean that these chairs only get better with time.

Nava Studio founder, Rodrigo Nava, is a self-taught artist, designer, and teacher. His sculptures and prints have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. He is excited to make this line of unique seating available to the greater public.