Neil Verplank

"I feel the work should honor the tree from which it came, lasting as long as it will take another tree to grow and replace it. Above all I value the beauty of wood as a natural working medium, the honesty of the straight line and perfect curve, and the simplicity of practical usefulness."

Neil Verplank's work brings together diverse influences to create his own modern style. His influences range from traditional Japanese woodworking to modern American craftsmen. He enjoys using complex mechanical joints, such as the Nejiri Arigata, or "folded dovetail," making a thing of beauty from the joint between two boards. Working with meticulous detail, Neil incorporates design elements from modern masters into his own unique vision.

Neil's design and workmanship are driven by a pursuit of craft for its own sake. He enjoys pushing his skills and abilities to new levels through the creation of ever more demanding pieces. A constant inspiration is the simple, yet unique beauty of wood and the ancient tradition of making the everyday beautiful. The sustainable use of natural and renewable resources is a matter of great importance to him.

Neil's goal is to produce fine hand-crafted functional objects that will last a lifetime. He honors the materials and craft inherent in each piece through careful selection of woods from around the world, as well as revealing the construction and joinery details in his designs. With special attention to the intended use of a particular piece, he strives to produce timeless work which will age gracefully, and be enjoyed for generations. His continual focus on new work and new challenges produces a forever-evolving body of work, not simply a line of furniture.