Olga Mihaylova

OM Beadwork

"For me, simplicity has always been the defining quality of great design. Striving to achieve it is an arduous process involving constant learning, endless experimentation, and precious "Eureka" moments that make it all worth it. It’s an exciting and fulfilling journey."

Olga Mihaylova creates her jewelry by crocheting, stitching, and weaving thousands of tiny glass beads together. Basic geometric shapes flow into organic forms, producing clean, elegant designs. The earth tone color palette and soft textures make her contemporary pieces versatile and comfortable to wear.

Mihaylova’s signature style derives from her use of bead crochet. This centuries-old technique allows for great creative freedom when combined with modern materials. A crochet hook, thread, and beads are all that’s needed to create anything from simple ropes to nature-inspired sculptural shapes. The resulting pieces exhibit a unique fiber-like quality.

Originally from Bulgaria, a land with a rich craft heritage, Mihaylova has lived in the United States for the past twenty years. Her fascination with the art of beadwork was a natural expansion of her love of fiber arts. An exciting challenge for a self-taught artist, the new medium with its abundance of colors, shapes, and finishes opened new paths for artistic expression. The infinite possibilities and meditative quality of this ancient craft has kept her focus ever since.