Pamela Allen

"Making art is like a stream of consciousness for me. I put some shapes on my design wall and from that moment on, I am talking to them and they are talking to me. I never know what the conversation will inspire, but it is such a joyful occupation to work with an open mind like this. And occasionally, I might be rewarded with a ''Eureka'' moment by pursuing an unlikely solution to a problem."

Pamela Allen tends to create little stories or scenarios as her work unfolds, and progress is often determined by the story that is taking shape. It may be a personal story with personal symbols. The meaning, on the other hand, may be more enigmatic to the viewer. This dialogue between the art and the viewer is a major element in Allen's art.

Allen typically approaches design challenges with an ''anything goes'' attitude. She is resourceful and innovative in her choice of materials, using many recycled fabrics. She also pierces found objects and uses them as embellishments in her work. Allen believes that fabric is capable of doing things that no other medium can, and she exploits this capability whenever possible. Her pieces are full of fun and surprises.

Allen has a BFA from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She has taught art courses for Queens Fine Art Department, community colleges, and at major quilt festivals in Canada, the USA, and South Africa. Allen has exhibited her work extensively in North America, Europe, and Asia. She was an artist-in-residence at Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and she attends the Atlantic Center for the Arts every year.

Ten Trees
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 300
$ 255
Three Big Seven Small Birds
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 1,600
$ 1,360
Cairo Cafe
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 800
$ 680
Lunch in Cairo
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 800
$ 680
Still Life with Tomatoes
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 280
$ 238
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Quilt National, The Dairy Barn, Athens Ohio USA, 2013
Curators Prize, Grand National, Homer Watson House and Gallery, Kitchener, ON, Canada, 2013
Whistler Prize, 100th Anniversary, Whistler House Gallery, Lowell, Mass, USA, 2012
Quilt Visions , Visions Art Museum, San Diego, USA, 2010
Celebration, National Quilt Museum, Paducah,Ky, USA, 2011