Pat Flynn

"I want my jewelry to be worn every day of life, to acquire the patina of the wearer. I want for the jewelry to go out and work, to be on its own, to communicate for me."

What attracts jewelry artist Pat Flynn to his work is the dichotomy that exists between materials and processes: the juxtaposition of torturous forging with elegant goldsmithing. Flynn is interested in the underlying tension that results from combining disparate materials such as steel and diamonds, or gold and steel, into organic jewelry forms.

The early stages of Flynn's work are akin to blacksmithing. With powerful hammer blows, he works the hot steel on the anvil. Later processes are smaller-scale, controlled, precise techniques involving stone setting and goldwork. The final step is oxidation, which turns the work black and creates a dynamic contrast between the steel, gold, and diamonds.

Petal Earrings
Gold, Steel & Stone Earrings

$ 850
Crosshatch Cuff
Iron Bracelet

$ 1,050
Convergence Cuff
Iron & Gold Cuff

$ 1,175
Bangle Trio
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 3,250
Burnished Cuff
Gold, Stone & Iron Bracelet

$ 1,140
Quill Necklace
Gold & Iron Necklace

$ 1,316 - $ 1,420
Gold Dust Hoops
Gold & Iron Earrings

$ 610 - $ 660
Diamond Stick Earrings
Gold & Iron Jewelry

$ 890 - $ 940
Quill Earrings
Iron & Gold Earrings

$ 670 - $ 710
Mezzo Cuff
Iron & Stone Cuff

$ 1,240
Moonlight Cuff
Iron & Stone Cuff

$ 1,080
Twilight Cuff
Iron & Gold Cuff

$ 1,005
Starlight Cuff
Iron & Stone Cuff

$ 1,080