Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider Ceramics

"I draw inspiration for my work from the shapes, colors and interactions of nature. I attempt to recreate with clay and glaze the beauty I encounter in the outdoors. Nature always seems to emerge victorious in that my works never encapsulate the congruence of shape and color as fully as the natural world. It's fun to try. "

With art you have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it need only be a vague idea. The most vital aspect is action, action is the foundational key to all success. Schneider is always doing that which he cannot do, in order that he may learn how to do it. Continuing to learn and moving forward, that's what keeps him intrigued.

He has learned to allow for the natural qualities of the process to determine the final result. Currently he is experimenting with inlaid glass and utilizes the Raku firing process. Schneider is intrigued by the simplicity of forms achieved on the wheel.

Schneider began working with ceramics while attending St. Mark's in Dallas, Texas. A period of time spent in Spain led him to study at La Universidad de Complutense in Madrid. A large portion of his development as an artist can be credited to his exuberant curiosity and constant study of a number of mediums.